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Fancy a bit of meat?
We at certainly did. Our familes wanted good quality meats, at a fair price, from a trusted source, and all as conveniently available as possible (this is Hong Kong after all!).

Our friends wanted it too. So we asked around - what do you want from your meat retailer?

You told us and we got straight to work!

Fair-Go Prices
Great value meats from premium Australian and international suppliers. It's a lot easier to Eat In (yes - you can!) when you know the fridge is stocked with restaurant quality meats at every day prices.

Vacuum Fresh
Most products are vacuum sealed to maximise their freshness. Any product that can not be vacuum sealed is enclosed in "modified atmosphere" or alternate smart wrapping to keep it at the best possible quality.

Practical Variety
A well-thought out range of products with your every day meals in mind. Chilled or frozen, healthy kid's portions, and great Value Packs. No "Cured Rumpwurst" or "Deep-Sea Snorthfunkle Fish" - just the stuff you eat!

Mmmmmm!" Safe, Easy Checkout
We have put a lot of work into making sure our checkout is effortless and safe. Pay securely by credit card, cheque or bank transfer. Naturally, all online transactions are encrypted and credit card payments are simple - you won't get lost in a maze of payment screens. Take comfort in knowing that all credit card transactions are processed locally by a Hong Kong bank.

Total Convenience
Mon-Sat free Standard Delivery to your home or office. Still not convenient enough for you? Well then check out our Special Requests service!

Smart Packaging
You're busy. Standing in shopping queues during peak hour (or on the weeked - ugh..) is just NOT ON! We deliver your meat in clever insulated pouches with a slab of Jelly Ice - you can comfortably recieve your delivery at work and carry it home (don't forget to smirk at all the suckers in the supermarket queue on the way!).

Peace of Mind
We're proud of our tight cold chain that keeps your meat frosty from paddock to plate. products are flown in Jet Fresh and then transported through Hong Kong in cold vehicles. Our chilled meat is the real thing - not "previously frozen" - the meat is chilled at source in Australia and kept that way until it gets to you!

No Fuss Loyalty Bonuses
You'll never feel unwanted at! We offer a permanent "meatMaster" discount to our loyal customers. No weird little coupon books, magnetic cards or stamps to collect. Just an automatic "thank you" discount. Now that's sweet!

And don't forget, it's all guaranteed! So Hong Kong, are you hungry now? Fancy a bit of meat?

If you have any further questions or suggestions then we would love to hear from you! Please contact us.


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