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Quality Assurance
Quality!At we back our products!
We source only from the highest rated Australian suppliers and we eat what we sell.

If our familes don't like it, we don't sell it!

Before reaching you, your products have been through stringent testing and quality control by the Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service or it's international equivalent.

Additionally, every item we import is subject to spot testing by the Food & Environmetal Hygiene Department here in Hong Kong.

We maintain a strict cold chain from paddock to plate:
  • Our delivery vehicles are refrigerated or ice chilled
  • Any temporary warehousing is in our commercial grade cold storage facility
  • Our packaging is insulated and we throw in Jelly Ice packs just to be sure!

Despite all of this, we recognise that mishaps do happen.....
If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason then please contact us within 7 days of delivery - depending on the situation, we can reimburse you*, replace the product, or offer you cash back on your next purchase!

Yum! To help us maintain our high quality standards we do ask that you please:
  • Keep the product - in most cases we will pick it up for quality control investigation
  • Inform us ASAP - within 7 days of delivery please
  • If possible, photograph the product!
It all helps us to track down the source of any problem and make sure it doesn't happen again!

* Whilst processes any reimbursements promptly, please note that credit card companies take up to 5 weeks to recognise the funds in your account.
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  1. 5PCS Free Range Chilled Chicken Thigh Fillet (AUST)
  2. 10PCS NZ.Organic & Free Range Eggs
  3. 1PC Free Range Chilled Chicken Breast Fillet (AUST)
  4. NZ Organic Free Range Boneless, Skin On Chicken Thigh (Frozen)
  5. AUST. Premium Lean 300G Mince

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