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Western Fruit & Veg Selection
We take great pride in the quality of our fresh foods, so we aim for satisfaction with our products. Our fruit & vegetables are delivered fresh on demand, and are hand-picked by our team, before being delivered directly to your door. Some things to consider:
  • If you are purchasing organic items, be kindly aware that there may be lumps, bumps, discolourations or sizes that may differ 
  • We aim for optimum freshness, and you can start counting the freshness days on the day you get your delivery.
  • Our produce is best enjoyed within the number of days stated on the label 
  • With appropriate food storage, you may enjoy longer freshness days.
If you are not satisfied with your fresh Fruit & Veg in any way, please WhatsApp our friendly team and we will sort it out for you!
Our price:
Product Details
Product Code: RA-FP2219644
Membership Discounts Eligible: No
Shipping Cost Method: Standard: Based on Order Total & Shipping Address
Contents: 1 * 400G Imported Green Grapes
1 * 400G Imported Banana (Med)
1 * 400G Imported Lebanese Cucumber
1 * 120G Imported Rocket (Arugula)
1 * 1/2 Imported Organic Cauliflower (White)
1 * 220G Imported Capsicum - Green
1 * 400G Imported Zucchini (Green)
1 * 1PK Imported Blackberries
1 * 1PK Imported Strawberry
1 * 400G Imported Organic Red Apple (Small)
1 * 1PK Imported Blueberries
1 * 200G Imported Capsicum - Yellow
1 * 400G Imported Round Tomato on the Vine
1 * 1PC Imported Broccoli
1 * 6PCS NZ.Organic & Free Range Eggs
Express Delivery Available?: No

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