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4KG Single Smoked (Butt) Half Leg of Ham (EU)

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Handy Ham Hints

  • Ham can be glazed a day ahead and served cold. If you don't wish to glaze the ham, leave the rind attached at the base of the ham so that, when the ham is cut, the rind can be replaced, keeping the ham moist.

To Serve Hot

  • prepare by cutting through the rind of ham in a decorative pattern about 10cm from the shank end. To remove the rind from the ham, run the thumb around the edge of the rind just under the skin. Start at the widest edge of the ham and pull the rind from fat up to a decorative pattern. Remove rind. (Reserved rind can be used to cover the cut surface of the ham to keep it moist during storage.
  • Make shallow cuts diagonally across the fat, about 2cm apart. Cut diagonally in the opposite direction to form diamonds. Cover whole ham with foil and bake in a moderate oven for 1 hour. Remove the foil from the ham, then brush with a glaze. Bake, uncovered in a moderate oven for about one hour, brushing occasionally until browned.

To store ham on the bone

  • Wrap loosely in a clean tea towel or pillowcase which has been rinsed in water/vinegar and wrung out tightly. Change the tea towel every day and the ham will keep well.
  • Store ham in the refrigerator; the air must be able to circulate around the ham, so do not have a tight covering.
  • Do not store ham in its original packaging.
  • Ham will keep for about 2 weeks after opening or can be frozen for up to 2 weeks.
  • Hams taste saltier and less smoky after freezing. A ham stand makes the carving easier. If a stand is not available, a pudding basin makes an excellent substitute.

To begin carving

  • Cut a 1.5cm-deep cut in ham next to the rind at the shank end.
  • Placing a knife about 7cm from the cut, slice through the ham on a slight angle to meet the cut; remove a wedge of ham.
  • Take long sweeps with a knife against the cut surface. As you carve, the slices will increase in size. Carve ham from the sides as well as the top
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Product Details
Product Code: RF-PO2217885
Membership Discounts Eligible: Yes
Shipping Cost Method: Standard: Based on Order Total & Shipping Address
Product Remarks: 5KG-6KG
Product Notes: Cooked, Single Smoked, Cured Ready to carve.
Storage Type: Frozen
Classification: Natural
Hormone Free: Yes
Antibiotic Free: Yes
Pcs/pack: 1
Packaging: Prepacked by Manufacturer
Product of: Europe
Approximate Weight: 4,000g
Express Delivery Available?: No

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